NORTH LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - Some friendly and fuzzy guests got cool in the pool, much to the surprise of one homeowner.

A group of otters made quite a splash in Dr. Jessika Timmons’ backyard, and she is telling 7News about this once in a lifetime visit.

At first glance, Timmons had no idea who or what the home invaders were.

“I’m at the sink, mixing the pancakes, and I just see some little critters,” said Timmons, “and I’m like, wait a minute, it looks like there’s more than one, thinking it’s baby raccoons or something like that, and I took a closer look, and I’m like, no, I had no idea what that is.”

The family of three went and took a closer look of what was swimming along in their backyard pool.

“So I grabbed my camera, of course, and they just started giving me a show like I was at Sea World,” said Timmons.

River otters are native to South Florida, and they are powerful swimmers. They swam up a canal and made their way into the North Lauderdale home’s yard.

“They went all throughout this pool,” said Timmons, “diving around, swimming, jumping a little bit, and my patio furniture is like it is because they were all underneath the cushions, moving the cushions and furniture all around.”

Her 2-year-old son Jaylen, watched in amusement from inside the house.

“It was kind of exciting. My heart was racing, but I’m glad to know that it was an animal that was probably more harmless,” said Timmons.

She did call police, but when they had arrived, the trio of otters had already left. Timmons hopes that they stay gone, on another adventure far from her home.

“Definitely hoping they don’t come back,” said Timmons. “I don’t want to see any wildlife, including iguanas, in my backyard. I don’t want to see anything, so I’m hoping they do not come back, but it was cool to see them.”

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