WEST PARK, FLA. (WSVN) - Neighbors around a home explosion in West Park were awaken by the blast in the middle of the night Tuesday as multiple homes and cars in the area suffered damage from the blast.

“I heard this loud explosion. It was like an earthquake,” said neighbor Adrian Mowat

As the sun rose on the neighborhood, the destruction was shockingly clear.

“We have debris in trees and a neighbor’s wall blown in,” said Stephen Grey.

The City of West Park said four properties were declared unsafe structures by the building official and Florida building code. The city said all four properties were given contact information for the Red Cross.

The rubble around the area was not very different from the interior of the home. A tub, not surrounded by any structure, was seen throughout the mess caused by the blast, while a charred mattress was seen in another yard.

“If you go in the house and look at it, you’d say how can anyone survive?” said one witness.

But Annette Brown did. Brown, a nurse who has lived in this home for about a decade, moved from her sofa to the bedroom right before the house next door exploded, showering her with sheetrock.

“She had no idea what was going on. She was knocked out, passed out” said Tia Thomas, Brown’s sister.

“The way the house looks, that the roof caved in on her. I’m surprised she’s alive right now,” said James Williams, Brown’s uncle.

Brown’s adult son saved her life by moving the rubble to get her out, Williams said. The son had to break a window to escape, cutting his hand in the process. But he was able to get his family to safety. Their family made a GoFundMe to help cover the damages.

A few blocks away, Glenn Seymour’s window was blown out.

“It was loud enough to wake me,” Seymour said.

Shere Whitaker’s window was also blown out.

“That’s way down the street, I didn’t know what it was,” Whitaker said. “I was just making sure everyone around here was alright.”

Like Williams’ niece, who undoubtedly will have a long road back to normalcy, the residents at the West Park neighborhood are cleaning up the neighborhood they call home, piece by piece.

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