MARGATE, FLA. (WSVN) - Residents are growing concerned after coyotes are getting too close for comfort in Margate.

Denise Devoti said she’s seeing coyotes more and more behind her home. While she’s not afraid of them, she, and her other neighbors, said they’re keeping a close watch on their small pets. 

“Two of them were right there on the other side of the canal,” said Devoti.

Coyotes were caught on camera. Devoti was sipping her morning coffee when she spotted the pair behind her home. 

“I picked my head up and I saw on the other side of the golf course a coyote, so I got my phone, I started to video like I did the last time. I feel like I’m getting used to it,” said Devoti.

She’s seen coyotes before, even talking to 7News in 2020, the first time she saw them. 

“The last time they said they are kind of migrating more towards these areas because the Everglades doesn’t have a good food supply, water supply,” said Devoti.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said coyotes are found throughout Florida. They’re found in every state except Hawaii, and encounters between them and people are happening more often.

A pack of coyotes snatched and killed Alan Moreno’s dog, Bo, just feet from his back porch in Tamarac. 

“The coyote comes and runs this way, grabs him by the neck and drags him out,” said Moreno.

Surveillance video captured the small canines crossing roads and parking lots across South Florida.

A coyote spotted in Dania Beach was humanely put down after people there said it was aggressive with their pets. While Devoti isn’t too scared of the animals herself, she said she is concerned for pets who roam the neighborhood.

“I just want the neighbors to be aware that they didn’t go away,” said Devoti.

Wildlife experts said if you come in contact with a coyote, don’t run. Instead, make noise and they’ll most likely run off.

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