HOLLYWOOD, FLA. (WSVN) - For the third time in less than a year, a man said, an iguana has made itself at home in his bathroom.

“Every time I walk into the restroom, I open the lid with apprehension, every time,” said Bruce Bleyer. “This is twice in the last week, so it’s happening more and more.”

Bleyer has had to call Harold Rondan for these situations because he makes a living removing iguanas.

“One time it was funny, second let’s do something but now the third time,” said Rondan.

First, they covered the vent on the roof because they figured that’s how the iguanas were getting in. Although, now, it’s just a mystery.

“We know it’s not the vents,” said Rondan. “We looked for little open sewer line around the house. He hasn’t found one, so now we need to find out before someone does get hurt.”

Imagine sitting down on the toilet only to be greeted by a saggy skinned lizard, which looks like it could be featured in “Jurassic Park”?

“You go into that bathroom half asleep, sit down, and it unfortunately gets you, it’s tearing flesh,” said Rondan.

For now, Bleyer said he’ll take a close look every time nature calls.

He also said he’s going to be keeping Rondan’s number handy, just in case he’ll need his services a fourth time.

“After the first time I said I would never sit down without looking. After the second time, I said the same thing. I’m not sure if I’ll ever sit down again,” said Bleyer. “We never know when they’re going to appear.”

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