Man caught on camera stealing puppy from Petland in Pembroke Pines

PEMBROKE PINES, FLA. (WSVN) - A man has been caught on camera stealing a puppy from a Pembroke Pines pet store that sells specialty breed dogs.

The theft occurred at the Petland located at 356 N. University Drive, just before noon, Monday.

Employees said that the customer displayed a possessive behavior towards the male pomeranian-poodle mixed puppy after playing with it.

“He started getting possessive over the puppy, and normally we don’t see customers like, ‘Oh, this is mine,'” employee Tiffany Carrazana said. “He started filling out the financing application and everything of that sort, gave his ID over.”

The customer handed over his ID, then decided it was time to go with the dog without paying the roughly $6,000 cost and without his ID.

Surveillance footage showed the man with a mohawk-like haircut simply pushing past the employee holding the puppy in the air.

“We’re assuming that he is not stable. We don’t know what could happen to that puppy,” Carranza said.

The Petland has been hit several times before. Usually, thieves walk out trying to hide the puppies.

On Monday, however, the man walking out clearly didn’t care who saw him holding the 10-week-old puppy.

“When it’s under our care, we know that the puppy is being taken care of, being fed and everything else. If he’s gone, then we don’t know what kind of life the puppy’s gonna have afterwards,” Carranza said.

The man is not yet in custody. and the puppy has not been recovered.

If you recognize the man in the security footage or know about the theft, call Pembroke Pines Police.

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