PEMBROKE PARK, FLA. (WSVN) - An investigation in Pembroke Park revealed that a town commissioner has engaged in a pattern of bad behavior.

The 17 page independent investigation found that Commissioner Geoffrey Jacobs created what employees described as “a hostile, volatile, toxic workplace.”

“I will not be silenced, I will not stop,” Jacobs said. “And there will be commissioners here that are going to end up in jail or prison. It’s going to happen.”

The town hired a firm to investigate after a string of accusations were made against Jacobs, which included one complaint by Melissa Anderson, the former town attorney.

In her case, the report found that “After unsuccessfully trying to terminate her, Commissioner Jacobs sent Anderson, who is openly gay, a Tiktok video which appeared to all who viewed it, including Anderson and the town manager, to be homophobic, misogynistic, and threatening…”

Jacobs said it was an accident.

“I also tried to immediately recall it as it was not intended for her,” he said.

It’s an explanation that Anderson doesn’t believe.

“Please either apologize to me or don’t say anything, because for you to say that you didn’t mean to send that video and then to send it to the town manager is ridiculous and it’s pathetic,” Anderson said.

The report said that Jacobs also went after other commissioners and stated “…He refers to the two other male commissioners (Morrissette and Hodgkins) as idiots (or ‘the two idiots’), ‘incompetent pieces of expletive, overpaid, non-working expletive,’ and disturbingly states that commissioner Hodgkins, ‘needs to die. I’m going to help with all the stress he is going to get from me.””

Jacobs appeared to not deny the name calling either.

“OK, whatever. It’s probably true,” he said. “The truth hurts sometimes. The truth really does.”

“His behavior is not acceptable in any society,” said Vice Mayor Eric Morrissette.

7News met with Morrissette on Monday who believes the reports findings.

“100%, and there’s a lot more that hasn’t been documented.”

Thirteen people were interviewed for this report, which concluded “In sum, every person interviewed, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or age, expressed concern about Commissioner Jacobs and espoused that his behavior has created a hostile, volatile, toxic workplace.”

Commissioner Jacobs chose not to participate in the investigation, and when 7News spoke to him over the phone, he referred 7 to his attorney, who has also been contacted.

At another meeting, he opened a bag of popcorn as his colleagues tried to conduct official business.

“Did anyone want any? OK,” Jacobs said.

What the vice mayor now wants is to move forward. It is something he said the town can’t do with Jacobs in the mix.

“We need stability to attract good brain power here,” Morrissette said.

Jacobs’ attorney reached out to 7News late Monday afternoon. It is expected they will put out a statement in regards to report’s findings.

Commissioners said it is unclear as to what will happen next and they are planning to meet with their attorney soon.

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