Hollywood police officer charged with battery on handcuffed suspect

HOLLYWOOD, FLA. (WSVN) - A Hollywood Police officer has been charged with battery after home security footage allegedly caught him hitting a handcuffed suspect in the face.

Prosecutors filed the first-degree misdemeanor charge against officer Matthew Barbieri on Thursday.

According to police, Barbieri, 34, was dispatched to a domestic dispute in the neighborhood near North 24th Avenue on Aug. 6 where the incident happened.

Court documents show Barbieri was arresting Raymond Schachner on a drug charge.

The State Attorney’s Office said home surveillance cameras captured the officer striking Schachner after he was handcuffed.

According to court documents, Barbieri struck the “(victim)’s face twice, with his right hand, before placing his left hand on throat as (victim) slides down the wall to the ground. (Officer Barbieri) then tells officer Daly ‘I’m gonna have to say that he was kicking.'”

The criminal complaint went on to say, “Officer Barbieri did commit a battery upon the victim… Officer Barbieri did intentionally touch or strike (the victim) against his will, by slapping him.”

“Once a person is taken into custody and they stop resisting, then there is really no longer a justifiable reason to use force,” law enforcement expert Jack Dale said.

A few months ago, 7News’ Brian Entin filed a report on another Hollywood Police officer, Kwesi Alleyne, who was also charged and later convicted of battery after surveillance video showed him kicking a handcuffed subject in the head.

“Those are career-enders. Those are violations that no longer allow them to continue in that capacity,” Dale said.

Barbieri has been relieved of duty as his criminal investigation continues.

He faces up to one year in jail if convicted.

The State Attorney’s Office is not releasing the surveillance video of the incident until a later time.

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