HOLLYWOOD, FLA. (WSVN) - A boat explosion caused a man’s trip to turn terrifying after he smelled and saw leaking gasoline.

The victim from Hollywood suffered second-degree burns during what was supposed to be a dream getaway in Greece.

“It was really awful,” German Gomez said.

Gomez, his girlfriend and another couple said they found the perfect spot in Greece, which had sparkly water, rocky cliffs and all.

He told 7News that getting the perfect Instagram post was a top priority for the group.

“It’s amazing, we’re taking pictures,” said Gomez. “We see boats, so we’re like, ‘We have to do all this. It’s gonna be an amazing day.'”

Their Mediterranean adventure was set to be kicked up a notch on board a boat like the one they had, which came with a great Trip Advisor review.

“We realized it didn’t have one with the captain, so we had to do a self-driven boat, but that’s OK because I’ve driven boats before,” he continued.

Then came the red flag — “It smelled like fuel,” Gomez said.

The tour company said it was no problem after he expressed concern about the smell.

“We do this every day. Nothing’s gonna happen.”

But Gomez said when he started the engine, there was a big blast.

“The explosion was too loud and really big and I thought it would’ve ended our lives.”

The incident caused him to burn both his legs, badly.

“I was freaked out. It was so painful I need to go to the hospital,” he said.

His friend also burned his feet. Neither woman on board was injured.

Gomez was rushed to the hospital, but in the remote section of Greece, he was not immediately attended.

He said that he wasn’t seen by an emergency room doctor for at least an hour. The unbearable pain and singed skin made this trip miserable for him.

Without trip insurance, Gomez had to pay thousands for doctor bills and medicine. And though he’s now back home and recovering, he’s got a long way to go.

He said this should serve as a cautionary tale for travelers: To listen to your gut and to think “safety” before getting that perfect post on that dream trip.

“Every time I think about it, it’s just a nightmare,” said Gomez. “I’m just thankful that I’m alive.”

Gomez said he’s now going after the tour company and has retained a Greek lawyer.

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