Heavy rain leaks through roof, destroys ceiling of Margate animal shelter

MARGATE, FLA. (WSVN) - Rain has become a major pain for a South Florida animal shelter as the heavy rainwater leaked through the roof and caused parts of the ceiling to collapse.

Roof and ceiling material fell through United For Animals Rescue in Margate after a period of heavy rain between Sunday and Monday morning. The ceiling collapsed not too far from the precious pets that are up for adoption.

“We worried that if it had more rain, and if it came again, we would have a problem with the cats,” said shelter volunteer Vivienne Noya.

Down below, a mother and her kittens were inside the cage next to the buckets that captured the water leaking from the roof.

Noya pointed out the ceiling tiles that fell to the ground and exposed A/C ducts in certain areas and said that the water leaks are dangerous for the cats. Water is still leaking from the roof, so they’re trying to contain the leak with plastic.

Noya said she has asked her landlord to fix the leaks for several years.

“We’ve asked for two years, and they said they’re going to fix it, but then they come and they look and they say they’re going to fix it, but they never fixed it,” she said.

The private non-profit shelter currently has 150 cats, with only a few volunteers and now leaks from heavy rain.

With all the water and more rain expected, the volunteers are afraid for the cats and future adoptions.

“We don’t have any money to fix on our own, but we ask them and they say, ‘Oh, we’re gonna fix it,’ but then we’re still waiting,” Noya said.

If you would like to help out United For Animals Rescue, you can call them at 954-761-6814.

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