FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - A comfy crocodile that was found on a dock is staying put for the time being.

Residents in Fort Lauderdale woke up to a scaly surprise Monday after finding the friendly female having her very own sunbathing session, just a few yards away from a residential community.

Officials with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said they will not remove the crocodile since she’s already been tagged and is in her natural habitat.

They also added that the crocodile may choose to leave or stay for up to two weeks.

“They said that she is basking, I believe it’s called, and she’s just warming up her body temperature up and then at night she’ll go back into the water,” said Nicole Esperson, HOA President of Bay Colony.

Residents of Bay Colony said the crocodile appeared on Monday on the dock, causing residents to pull out their phones and take pictures.

“Slightly shocked. I wasn’t anticipating coming down and seeing one of these guys sitting here out on the dock.” said resident Will Toldy.

“Wild, wild, wild! Unbelievable!” said Frank Colletti, a resident.

This is not the first place the crocodile has visited.

“Somebody from the FWC said that she is the same female that was seen at the Pompano Pier. She’s been making her way through Pompano, and Northern Fort Lauderdale,” said Esperson.

Esperson said FWC officials told her the crocodile will stay put for now.

“She’s a threatened species and it could cause harm to her during the transfer,” said Esperson.

Some residents said the crocodile is too close for comfort.

“It could bite anybody. It should’ve been picked up a long time ago,” said Chacko, who lives nearby.

Esperson said residents of Bay Colony are split on the crocodile issue.

“I guess we have to learn to co-exist with them. She’s not causing any harm to anybody and she hasn’t yet,” said Esperson.

At night, the crocodile seems to go into the water and get her food for the evening. But she crawls back onto the dock in the morning.

Many residents hope they get a different surprise on Wednesday morning by walking to the dock and seeing the crocodile gone.

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