FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - Days before a new law is set to go into effect in Florida, Fort Lauderdale Police officers have taken steps to remind drivers to turn down the music.

7News on Wednesday followed several officers as they stopped drivers who cranked up their radio along a strip of Fort Lauderdale Beach that’s no stranger to this nuisance.

“You may really like your music, but that doesn’t mean everyone else wants to hear it, too,” said FLPD Capt. Tim McCarthy.

The new state law means drivers who want to make sure everyone hears the noise will probably be issued a ticket.

“We’ve had a lot of complaints recently, over the years, with the loud music coming from motor vehicles and also modified exhaust systems,” said McCarthy.

“You know, that loud music is definitely an attention-getter,” said FLPD Sgt. Dean Schoen.

Loud modified mufflers have always been fair game for a ticket, but loud music is a new violation.

An old Florida law was struck down 10 years ago, but the new one stipulates that any driver whose music that can be heard from 25 feet from their vehicle can be fined.

FLPD officials said that for roughly the next week, they will be educating drivers before they begin handing out the $115 citations.

“Out on Las Olas, that sound ricochets all over from those areas,” said McCarthy. “Out on the beach, it’s a bad issue. A lot of people like to come, and they like to cruise up and down and circle around the beach. It’s a beach atmosphere; they like to play loud music.”

“I get why they would have complaints from restaurant goers and stuff like that. I get that,” said driver Mike Swink.

But not everyone thinks the new law is a good idea.

“How do we know? Like, what’s the footage for all that stuff?” said a passenger on a golf cart that was pulled over, “so, it’s wrong. The law is wrong. I’m sorry.”

“When you hear a car coming with extremely loud music, it’s very irritating,” said McCarthy.

“It’s like a courtesy law. Be courteous to the guy next to you,” said Swink.

Fort Lauderdale Police said their current focus is on educating people, but if the noise levels are really egregious, or if they encounter a multiple offender, they they’re going to go ahead and write up a ticket.

The law is set to go into effect on Friday.

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