FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - A South Florida jury reached a not guilty verdict in the trial of former Broward Sheriff’s Officer Deputy Christopher Krickovich.

The decision came Monday afternoon after attorneys wrapped up their closing arguments and handed the case to the jury.

Krickovich had been charged with misdemeanor battery for the 2019 arrest of high school student Delucca Rolle, which was caught on multiple cameras, including deputies’ body cameras.

“That means the video doesn’t even matter, like you can see something, but it doesn’t matter,” said Clintina Rolle, Delucca’s mother.

Clintina, spoke to 7News after the verdict was read in court. She said the testimony in court wasn’t fair to her son.

“They tried to bring down his character, to make it seem like he’s a bad person so that what took place today could have happened,” she said. “I feel really distressed about it.”

“The defense was permitted to argue cases and issues and matters that happened well after the fact,” said Sue-Ann Robinson, attorney for the family.

She also felt disheartened by the verdict as she and her son have been dealing with the incident for the past three years.

“I wouldn’t want no other family to go through what I went through for the past three years,” she said.

After the verdict was read, there was a brief and heated confrontation outside the courtroom between retired BSO Capt. Neil Glassman and prosecutor Chris Killoren.

“Have 10 times the courage that you’ll ever have,” said Glassman to Killoren.

“Apparently captains like to get in my face and try to intimidate prosecutors,” said Killoren. “They should know nobody is above the law and that we will continue to prosecute these cases to the fullest of our abilities.”

“This was a political prosecution, and justice was served,” said Glassman.

The defense had built their case based on the fight seen on video and the escalation of violence.

The incident drew national concern when Krickovich and BSO Sgt. Gregory LaCerra were caught on video trying to bring Rolle down to the ground.

LaCerra was also seen pepper-spraying Rolle, and Krickovich was seen slamming the teen’s head against the ground several times.

LaCerra and other BSO deputies testified during the trial. They spoke about their experience responding to the shopping center.

LaCerra was originally charged with battery but had his case dismissed after a Florida appeals court ruled he was standing his ground and acting in self-defense.

That same appeals court, however, rejected Krickovich’s “stand your ground” defense, saying his actions went beyond what was necessary to subdue Rolle.

Krickovich’s training sergeant also testified. He said the deputy did what he was trained to do.

“I think this was an intellectually honest verdict,” said defense attorney Jeremy Kroll. “Violence is never pretty, but that’s not what these cases are valuated on. They are valuated on was there a threat that was articulable there? There was, and he acted appropriately.”

As one side feels relieved, Delucca’s mother said her son was not happy with the outcome.

“He didn’t even feel good about the situation, you know. He feels like injustice. It wasn’t fair,” said Clintina.

Clintina also said her son is still dealing with injuries from that day.

“Basically he was diagnosed with TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury], so he goes through heightened headaches,” she said.

After an internal review, Krickovich was fired from the BSO, but his attorney told 7News the former deputy intends to get his job back.

Monday night, Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony issued a statement on the verdict. It read, “The Broward Sheriff’s Office maintains an unwavering commitment to holding all employees accountable. Under my administration, we will never be an organization that finds excessive force tolerable. That standard has been set at the Broward Sheriff’s Office and will not change. Independent criminal investigations or convictions of former employees do not supersede BSO’s administrative policies, standards or expectations.”

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