PARKLAND, FLA. (WSVN) - More relatives of victims of the Parkland massacre went inside the building that became a crime scene. The pain of the past is still visible five years after the tragedy.

Speaking with 7News on Friday, Debbi Hixon shared what she felt when she walked the halls of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

“You just feel how terrified they had to have been in that building, and then to get to the spot where Chris was, and it hit me,” said Debbi Hixon. “That’s where our life together ended, and so, you know, it’s a lot to process, and you just wonder, how did we get here?”

Debbi lost her husband, Chris Hixon, in the mass shooting.

“Five and a half years later, I think I still wait for him to come home,” she said, “and it was really kind of a reality slap that that’s not going to happen.”

Chris, an athletics director and coach at MSD, confronted the shooter and was one of 17 people killed.

“Seeing the puddles of blood, where people had been shot or had died in those spaces, it’s just, it’s like a bad movie,” said Debbi.

Since Wednesday, families and those connected to the building have been granted access.

Friday morning, Andrea Ghersi, whose brother, Joaquin Oliver, was killed, also walked into the building.

The shooting happened on Valentine’s Day, and those who have gone inside said, in addition to the bullet holes and the blood, there are teddy bears, Valentine’s Day candy and cards.

Lori Alhadeff, whose daughter, Alyssa Alhadeff, was killed, also walked into the building on Friday.

“It’s awful seeing the blood of my daughter, Alyssa,” said Alhadeff.

Alhadeff said, despite how difficult it was to go inside, she had to go on with the visit.

“Some type of closure, knowing exactly where and how Alyssa died,” she said.

Max Schachter, whose son, Alex Schachter, was killed, went to the school Thursday. He said going inside will help him heal.

“I needed to be here today. Of course, I wanted to sit in Alex’s chair, but I also wanted to understand what happened,” he said.

More loved ones will be able to walk inside the 1200 building on Tuesday.

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