Embattled Pompano Beach vice mayor seen on bodycam video arguing with BSO deputies

POMPANO BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Newly surfaced body-worn camera video captured a confrontation between Pompano Beach Vice Mayor Beverly Perkins and Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies, weeks after video of a traffic stop in Fort Lauderdale went viral.

7News has learned that Perkins tried to get a BSO deputy reassigned and disciplined after another incident in Pompano Beach on Dec. 19, 2020.

“You came through the cones over there,” said the deputy in the bodycam video.

“Look at me. You said I knocked them down. I didn’t knock anything down,” said Perkins.

Perkins is already under fire for viral bodycam video of a traffic stop in Fort Lauderdale. The footage showed the vice mayor cursing at the officer who stopped her for speeding back in April.

After the officer gave her a warning, the vice mayor replied, “I’m Vice Mayor Beverly Perkins from the City of Pompano Beach. Y’all need to find something better to [expletive] do.”

Perkins apologized during a city commission meeting on July 12.

“If any exchange on my part in the conversation with the police officer is perceived as being disrespectful, then I do apologize,” she said.

An internal affairs report details the encounter the 2020 encounter between Perkins and BSO deputies.

“I came along the turning lane. You see that?” she said to a deputy in the video.

The report states BSO Deputy Taub told the vice mayor the turning lane was closed, and she couldn’t enter. She told him she was the vice mayor.

The report states Taub responded with, “I don’t care who you are,” and, “No, you are not special. This is the second time you are doing this to me.” The deputy was referencing another incident where, he said, Perkins tried to get preferential treatment.

Taub did let the vice mayor through. She later walked up to get his name. At that point, BSO Sgt. Squadrito turned on his body camera.

“He threw down the cones. He threw the cones in front of me,” Perkins said to Squadrito.

“Yeah, that’s fine. You didn’t knock down the cones,” said Squadrito.

“But let me tell you something: I’m not dumb,” said Perkins.

“Nobody said you were dumb,” said Squadrito.

“I do understand, OK? That’s what I want you to understand,” said Perkins.

“I believe you,” said Squadrito.

“Now, I might do it again. I don’t know,” said Perkins.

The internal affairs review revealed the deputies did nothing wrong, but many said her behavior is unacceptable.

“So what’s the big deal?” Perkins told Squadrito.

“You went around cones that are out there for a reason,” said Squadrito.

“There was nobody but me. It wasn’t the whole community,” said Perkins.

“None of us are above the community,” said Squadrito.

“Did I say I was?” said Perkins.

“No, but you said it’s you and not the community,” said Squadrito.

“Did I say I was above?” said Perkins.

“No,” said Squadrito

“I’m never above. I am the community,” said Perkins.

At a commission meeting on Tuesday, Pompano Beach Mayor Rex Hardin referenced the Fort Lauderdale incident and attempted to get Perkins’ title stripped.

“What I saw on that video was disrespectful, smug and entitled,” said City Commissioner Rhonda Eaton. “You felt that you were above the law.”

But City Commissioner Cyndy Floyd defended the vice mayor.

“What else do we want? She apologized. I think this has gone too far,” she said.

The commission decided not to strip Perkins of her title, but with this latest video coming to light, it’s unclear what might happen next.

As of Wednesday night, Perkins has not responded to 7News’ request for comment.