WILTON MANORS, FLA. (WSVN) - A dog went on the attack in a Wilton Manors community, injuring a woman and her smaller pet, and neighbors said this isn’t the first time the animal has bitten residents.

Sunday’s incident has left residents in the neighborhood, located north of Fort Lauderdale, in constant fear of what they described as a dangerous animal.

“The supposed owner really had no control,” said Victoria Geschleider.

Surveillance video captured the victim, Maria Zapata, walking her small dog along Northwest 30th Court, just off State Road 816, when, all of a sudden, the larger canine came charging from an open gate of a nearby house.

“My first reaction was take my dog and take with me,” said Zapata. “I was thinking this dog was coming to attack my dog.”

The footage shows the larger dog appearing to leap at the smaller animal in its owner’s arms.

“I honestly thought someone was playing with the dog, but as I got closer, the lady was yelling for help,” said Geschleider.

The footage shows another woman running from where the larger dog came from and trying to take control of the canine.

Zapata, meanwhile, appeared to have been bitten several times trying to protect her pup.

After about 20 seconds, the ordeal appears to be over.

“He bit me here, on my arm, my hand. It’s very painful, but I take care. I went to the hospital,” said Zapata.

It was then that Victoria Geschleider, who was visiting her sister, pulled up to the scene. She said she opened her car door and tried to help.

“Her small dog came racing in, I guess for safety, and she came right in through the driver’s seat,” she said, “and then that dog came after her.”

The larger dog got away again, and this time, it was able to get ahold of Zapata’s pet.

Fortunately, several people jumped in to pry it free.

“It was really digging deep into its neck, and there was blood,” said Geschleider.

Nearby neighbors who asked to remain anonymous said this wasn’t the first time this has happened, and they fear it won’t be the last.

“If that dog decides to go outside to use the bathroom, it will come out again if there is another dog,” said Geschleider.

The small dog is recovering at home from its injuries.

The owner of the larger dog declined to comment about the incident.

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