DAVIE, FLA. (WSVN) - An elderly Broward County resident is speaking out days after a powerful storm that hit South Florida caused so much flooding that the water completely surrounded his home.

Speaking with 7News on Saturday, 97-year-old Dick Postelwaite showed 7News just how high the floodwaters rose outside his home located in a neighborhood off Hiatus Road.

“Came up to this corner right here, all the way up,” he said as he stood next to a hose.

When asked if those were the highest water levels he’s ever seen outside his home, he replied. “Yeah.”

Postelwaite has lived in the same house since 1963, adding his neighborhood used to be a fruit orchard.

Back then, he said, the farmer had pumps to move the water out when it rained.

But those pumps are long gone, so when it rains now, his street resembles a lake.

“Ever since that time, we haven’t had any controlled water system. This is Mother Nature,” he said. “Mother Nature gets a little angry when it gets dumped on.”

Much of South Florida got drenched by the unnamed store back on Wednesday. Davie saw some of the worst of it.

7News cameras captured Postelwaite standing outside his house on Friday. The water was too high for the crew to reach him.

“This is the fourth time this has happened,” he told the 7News crew.

The water was still high outside his home on Saturday, but at least it’s drivable.

When asked when the floodwaters started creeping up on him, Postelwaite replied, “Immediately.”

He said he was mostly worried about his 98-year-old wife. Thank fully, they’re both fine.

Just across the street from Postelwaite, Ingrid Korkkanem and her family are building their dream home. She said they’re definitely worried about the water.

“Very concerned. It’s only two days of rain and, as you can tell, it’s terrible,” she said.

Pumps are running now, and the floodwaters are slowly receding.

“When you have that much water, it’s hard to move it,” said Postelwaite. “You’ve got a problem.”

Postelwaite served in World War II and the Korean War. After going through something like that, he said, this past week’s flooding is no big deal.

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