LIGHTHOUSE POINT, FLA. (WSVN) - From Deerfield Beach to Lighthouse Point and further west in Pompano Beach, more and more coyotes have been spotted roaming neighborhoods in South Florida.

“They’re incredibly adaptable animals,” said Ron Magill, of Zoo Miami. “They’re now down here in South Florida and their numbers are increasing.”

Ed wasn’t sure what he saw in his Lighthouse Point backyard last week, but his home surveillance cameras captured what appeared to be a coyote walking through his backyard.

“This is not a rural neighborhood,” said Ed. “We’re not in Davie. We’re not in Plantation. This is Lighthouse Point.”

“They’re like dog rats,” said Magill. “They adapt to an environment. If they can find rodents. If they can find food or junk in metropolitan areas. Those are places that can attract these animals.”

The predators were captured running through front lawns in the Cove neighborhood of Deerfield. Photos of them were snapped further south in Lighthouse Point, and last week, one was seen in a parking lot near the Palm Aire Golf Course in Pompano.

Back in June, a pair was caught on video walking along a Margate canal, and in 2020 a pup was snatched up by a pack of coyotes.

“They usually don’t go after things like dogs,” noted Magill. “The big threat are cats. They are notorious cat killers.”

Though experts stress a dog attack is very rare, there are a few things you can do while you walk with your pup to stay safe.

“If you do see one, just make your presence known,” said Magill. “Make yourself as big as possible. Raise your arms, speak firmly. They coyote will more than likely run away. When you walk your dog, pay attention to your dog. Try to have your dog be in front of you.”

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