Coral Springs woman accused of fatally shooting another woman faces judge

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - A woman accused of fatally shooting another woman and leaving her body in the driveway appeared before a judge Wednesday.

The vicitim’s friends and family are trying to sway the judge to not grant bond to Yvonne Serrano.

Back in November, Serrano, 51, was charged with murder and tampering with evidence but the charges were reduced to manslaughter in December.

She is accused of killing 21-year-old Daniela Tabares, who was a gym friend of hers.

Serrano originally claimed that she had not brought her gun with her that night, but changed her story when talking to investigators.

According to witnesses, on Nov. 23, Serrano began drinking heavily, became agitated and Tabares offered to drive her home.

She told police she only remembered drinking three beers, but surveillance footage from World of Beer in Coconut Creek showed Serrano buying some shots of beer, drinking hers and then drinking Tabares’s shot.

Police asked Serrano if she drank any shots. She said “No. Well, I don’t want to say no.”

According to police, once they got to the driveway of Serrano’s home, Serrano shot Tabares in the forehead.

Hours later, she called 911 pretending she didn’t know the victim, deleted the video captured by her Ring camera at her front door and washed Tabare’s white tank top.

Serrano also said she did not know how she ended up in the same car as Tabares.

“You think you might have awakened in the front seat of her passenger?” asked a detective in a video of the questioning.

“Yes. I was sitting there and I did not know how I got there,” She responded.

Detectives questioned her intent during her interrogation.

Serrano claimed she could not have knowingly committed the murder.

“If I killed her, you know, I will pay the price, you know? If that was the bullet that was in my gun, I accept responsibility, but I do not remember. I don’t even know how it happened. It’s not in me.”

“Have you seen anything worse than that?” asked the detective.

“No, no,” Serrano said. “The thought that you’re telling me that I don’t remember that I did something… I just don’t conceive it.”

“I am without words,” said Tabares’s mother Isabel in court. She called Serrano a liar and said she hopes the judge sees her for who she is and doesn’t let her out of jail.

The judge will decide whether or not to grant Serrano bond by next week.

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