Coral Springs Police releases video of rough arrest amid excessive force complaint

CORAL SPRINGS, FLA. (WSVN) - Coral Springs Police has released body camera and bystander video of a rough arrest that has led to an excessive force complaint filed against the department.

Bodycam footage of the fast take-down Thursday night shows Christoper Nobles, who investigators said tried to strike an officer, ending up on the ground.

Nobles appeared before a judge on Friday.

“Relax yourself, buddy, relax yourself,” an officer is heard saying in the video.

“Look, man, stay out of the way. Ain’t nobody tase nobody. All right, that’s fine,” said another officer.

Police said they were called out to the 11000 block of West Sample Road for a domestic dispute incident, Thursday morning.

Detectives said first responders met up with Nobles, who was one half of that dispute.

“Stay in the car! Stay in the car!” an officer is heard saying in the video. “Stay right there … Well, listen to what I am talking about, then. Don’t just do what you wanna do.”

Police said they approached Nobles and asked him to turn around. When he refused, they tried placing him in custody.

But police said Nobles tried to stop the officers and struck them with his left arm.

Bodycam video shows an officer placing Nobles in handcuffs.

“Turn around. Face away from me,” said the officer.

The bodycam video shows an officer grabbing Nobles and pushing him to the ground face down while another officer holds him down by the head, then the back.

Cellphone video from a bystander provides a look at the arrest from a distance. It shows both of those officers briefly struggling with Nobles before they are able to place him down on the ground.

“You can’t listen. You’re being detained right now,” one of the officers said in the bodycam video.

The department said the complaint they received about excessive force led them to release the videos.

Investigators said they have carefully reviewed the arrest reports and videos, and at this point, they see no violation of law or police department policy.

Nobles is currently being held on $2,600 bond.

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