COCONUT CREEK, FLA. (WSVN) - A Coconut Creek man faces a long list of charges after, police said, he drugged and sexually assaulted women he invited to parties at his home, then recorded the encounters on video.

Coconut Creek Police on Thursday called 41-year-old Adam Johnson’s residence a “party house.”

“We have been getting several complaints about it from neighbors,” said Coconut Creek Police spokesperson Scotty Leamon. “When I say several, probably more than several.”

“We kind of felt like something shady was going on, constantly cars coming in and out,” said an area resident.

“A lot of cars coming there and leaving, and sometimes big parties,” said another area resident.

But when investigators gathered at Johnson’s home on May 6, they said, they found drugs, as well as something else.

“We have been receiving several complaints about some camera equipment in there, and those complaints were coming from women who had been at some of the parties, who had stayed there overnight,” said Leamon, “who had gone in there to do substances, drugs, and done those of their own free will.”

Police said women who attended the parties told investigators they willingly took drugs, but then the suspect would give them a stronger substance.

“Johnson would intentionally give them stronger drugs that would render them unconscious, and then he would take advantage of them when they were unconscious,” said Leamon, “and he would also videotape that using several different recording mechanisms that were in the house.”

Johnson was arrested on Wednesday.

In court, his attorney, Saam Zangeneh, said at least one woman’s encounter was consensual.

“More importantly, her staying at the residence for several weeks,” said Zangeneh.

Photos obtained by 7News showed the suspect’s home following a search by detectives. One picture showed a hole in the floor where investigators found a safe.

Johnson’s bond was reduced from $116,100 to just over $70,000. The suspect paid it and was released.

“He’s out? That’s scary. That makes me worried,” said an area resident. “Now that he’s out, what’s going to happen here?”

When a 7News crew went to Johnson’s home, Thursday afternoon, and asked if there was someone they could talk to, a man on the other side of the front door replied, “No, not right now, ma’am.”

Johnson has been charged with sexual battery, false imprisonment and video voyeurism, among other charges.

Police are concerned there may be other women out there who have been recorded by Johnson. They urge anyone who believes they were targeted to call Coconut Creek Police at 954-973-6700.

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