FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - Jurors are set to receive instructions and will begin deliberating very soon in the trial of former Hollywood Police Officer Matthew Barbieri, who is accused of going too far during an arrest.

Prosecutors began their closing arguments, Thursday, and said Barbieri was trying to cover up him slapping a handcuffed man.

Jurors were shown rough drafts of his reports, which prosecutors said had several inaccuracies and that he should a have never hit the handcuffed man.

In August of 2019, Raymond Schachner’s father called 911 and said his son was high on drugs and out of control.

When officers arrived, Schachner claimed they had no right to enter his home and things got physical with Barbieri slapping him several times.

The incident was caught on home surveillance camera.

The defense said the officer was protecting himself, and that prosecutors could not agree on what Barbieri actually did that day.

“Suddenly went from two slaps, to a punch and a slap, to a punch and two slaps, to then three slaps until the victim finally, in exasperation at the end of my cross-examination says, ‘OK, I’ll stick with three,'” said defense attorney David Bogenschutz, “and then had the prosecutor cross-examine the defendant suggesting it was two punches, which obviously is not accurate.”

“What we have here is a situation of a cop using his power, taking advantage of an individual who is not likable and who deserved better simply because he is a human being because every human being deserves the same dignities and not to be assaulted, controlled in his own home because he is high,” said a prosecutor.

This trial, which was originally supposed to take four days, is now in its fourth week.

Once jurors begin deliberations, it’s unclear how long they will take.

Barbieri is being charged with battery.

If convicted, Barbieri could face up to a year in jail.

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