HOLLYWOOD, FLA. (WSVN) - After heavy winds affected businesses on Hollywood Beach, crews worked to clean up the mess. Now, people are enjoying the Broadwalk once again.

Day two of cleanup was underway Friday at the Hollywood Broadwalk.

“We walked out and it was just covered with sand, but it’s amazing the work that they did in the short time we’ve been here,” said Robin Parvi who is visiting from Naples.

The scene look completely different compared to Thursday morning, where water and sand came up to businesses.

Over on Haulover Beach, 7Skyforce hovered over the area where crews worked to get the beach back to normal.

“Yesterday morning, we got here at like 7 a.m., and there was like a pile of sand all in the entrance of restaurant, it was flooded about halfway to the tables,” said Ashley Rivera who works at Venice Restaurant. “We also found a puffer fish and a jellyfish, and a lot of trash. Our roof was completely gone.”

After spending the day cleaning Thursday, the staff at Venice Restaurant are now happy to be back in business.

“But we managed with taking all day yesterday to get all the sand out and the big machine, tractors came to pick it all up for us,” Rivera said. ” So now we’re nice, back and open again. Back making money.”

Leo Giset, owner of Ocean Blu store, shared the same sentiment.

“We just took care of it and we back to business,” Giset said.

The City of Hollywood put out new barriers Thursday after the storm, which is something people said was something done too late.

“That’s going to save the whole travel, so we’re happy it’s over now,” Giset said.

With the area now cleaned up, people are just happy to be back on the beach and are looking forward to the sun ahead of the weekend.

“You bet, and maybe get one of those six-people bikes and cruise the boardwalk so they can see a little bit more of Hollywood Beach,” Parvi said.

Kind tides are still a slight issue but are expected to decrease in the next few hours.

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