HOLLYWOOD, FLA. (WSVN) - Another iguana invader is causing toilet trouble in Hollywood.

It seems to be a new reality for those who live here. The large lizards are not just getting inside homes, but making themselves at home in the bathroom.

They hiss, they’re aggressive, and more and more, they’re winding up in toilets.

South Florida iguanas have gone from invasive to downright intrusive.

Trapper Harold Rondan’s phone is ringing off the hook.

“I’m getting about 10 calls a day. The month just started, and I’m on my third or fourth one already, just iguanas in the toilet,” he said.

Two types of iguanas roam in South Florida. The spiny tail iguana, which can be pretty aggressive, and the common green iguana, who are actually kinda friendly. Both, however, can end up in your toilet.

The latest popped up in Courtney Ortiz’s Hollywood home. She’s lived in South Florida most of her life and never had this happen.

“Never an iguana in the toilet,” Ortiz said.

Actually, it was her son who found it.

“He was home alone, just got home from school, and he calls me screaming,” Ortiz said.

“There’s an iguana in our toilet! There’s an iguana in my bathroom! You have to come home! You have to come home as soon as possible!” her son screamed over the phone.

The iguanas are getting in through the toilet vent, which is on your roof.

“This is the iguana poop right here. Look how close it is to a vent,” Rondan said.

And once inside, there’s only one way out: your toilet.

“Now they realized they can’t get out. One option only: follow it all the way down to the end — and this is what happens,” Rondan said.

One iguana in the toilet is enough for Ortiz, so she had Rondan cover her vents while he was on her roof.

“Fingers crossed, no more terrifying calls from my kid,” Ortiz said.

If you do find one in here, don’t call Mom. Call Rondan.

“Luckily, no one got bit, no one got hurt. I’m glad that she was able to contact me, and we were able to resolve this and nobody got hurt,” Rondan said.

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