FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - Officials have released the 911 calls that led to the arrest of a young man who allegedly attacked Def Leppard’s drummer outside his hotel in Fort Lauderdale.

Rick Allen was outside the Four Seasons in the valet area for a smoke, Sunday, when, according to a police report, he was violently attacked by Max Edward Hartley, 19.

“I have an individual who has been running around breaking windows and has beat up a couple of guests at the Four Seasons, as well,” said a 911 caller.

Fort Lauderdale Police said Hartley was hiding behind a pillar outside the hotel while Allen was smoking his cigarette when Hartley, according to the report, ran at Allen, knocking him to the ground.

The report states Allen, 59, “hits his head on the ground causing injury.”

The report then says a woman ran out of the hotel to help Allen, and Hartley, police said, attacked her.

From there, Hartley fled to a nearby hotel and began breaking car windows until he was stopped by witnesses.

“I was sitting out front,” said another caller. “This guy, I caught him throwing chairs inside our establishment, and then he ran.”

It remains unclear what prompted the 19-year-old’s rampage, but Hartley was likely here for spring break.

He has since bonded out of jail and is probably headed home to Ohio soon, but with legal troubles like these, he’s likely to make a return trip to South Florida in the near future.

Hartley faces two counts of battery, four counts of criminal mischief, and abusing an elderly or disabled adult.

Allen famously plays drums with one arm, after he lost his left one in an accident back in 1984.

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