LIGHTHOUSE POINT, FLA. (WSVN) - It was a “ruff” rescue after a large dog jumped into a canal in Lighthouse Point.

Curiosity got the better of Sarge over the weekend.

The good boy was rescued from the Broward County Humane Society five years ago.

Although on Sunday, Sarge needed a different rescue, as the canine struggled to stay afloat in a waterway behind some homes in Lighthouse Point.

“Sarge must have seen something in the canal, that’s behind me, but he wants it, so he just … jumped right in,” said Alex Griffin, the dog’s owner.

According to Griffin, Sarge is a decent swimmer, but he had trouble getting out of the canal, and that’s where Lighthouse Point Police and a boater got involved.

Video from Lighthouse Point Police showed an officer and the good Samaritan lifting the 80-pound animal onto a dock and dry land.

“The King family, who was on their boat and happened to be passing by, I think the father jumped off his boat, and one of the officers jumped in the water to help him out and onto that dock,” said Griffin.

His concerned family got the call to pick him up soon after.

Sarge was reunited with his girlfriend, Jenny, and this family is now “Sarge-proofing” their dock, just in case the curious canine gets the urge to take the plunge once again.

“We have a few fences out there right now that were supposed to kind of prevent him from going to a lower surface, maybe on our neighbors’ docks, but now we’re going to fortify that and also add to it so that he doesn’t have any access to the water at all,” said Griffin.

The family thanked the officer and boater for helping to save Sarge.

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