2 arrested after Fort Lauderdale homeowner spots would-be burglars on Ring video

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - A Fort Lauderdale homeowner’s quick actions helped stop two young would-be burglars in their tracks after his doorbell camera captured the pair trying to break into his home.

Ring doorbell video showed the two subjects arriving on a bicycle. One seen wearing a yellow hoodie was sitting on the handlebars.

The rider, seen wearing a dark colored hoodie, is then seen approaching the front door.

Homeowner Tony Dali said he watched it all unfold on his smartphone.

“I was at work. I was on a conference call; I had to pause the conference call to tell my boss, ‘I’m sorry, I have to call the police. Someone is trying to break into my home,'” he said.

The subject wearing the dark hoodie is seen knocking to see if someone is home, then knocks again a few seconds later.

The subject wearing the yellow hoodie, meanwhile, is seen holding the bicycle several feet away.

When no one answers the door, they walk up to the front door.

Dali said he has impact windows, and he decided to purchase the Ring camera as an additional security measure.

“Normally, when I get the alerts, it’s my lawn folks, or it’s the person delivering my mail,” he said, “so it started going off, and I happened to look, and there was a masked person holding the screen, trying to get into my house.”

That masked person was the subject wearing the dark hoodie, and the video shows him holding Dali’s window screen.

The one wearing the yellow hoodie is then seen heading toward the back of the property.

Dali said the duo then attempted to get in but were unsuccessful.

The video shows the pair riding away after a few failed attempts.

“I immediately called 911, and with the real time viewpoint, I was able to tell them, ‘Hey, look, they’re getting on their bike. They’re leaving. I guess they weren’t able to get in or whatever. They went to the right,'” said Dali. “All of a sudden, I see police cruisers.”

Police officers were able to catch the young subjects.

“The sad part is, they’re kids,” said Dali. “Crime can happen in any neighborhood. The neighborhood’s a wonderful place. They rode in on a bike, I don’t know from where, and again, it’s just really sad.”

Police have not released the subjects’ names or their ages.

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