Boyfriend surprises girlfriend with proposal at MIA

MIAMI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, FLA. (WSVN) - A passenger at Miami International Airport surprised his girlfriend with a proposal.

The couple was catching a flight to Barcelona for a friend’s wedding. As they were walking to their gate, MIA’s social media team secretly asked the couple a few questions for a short video.

After the team asked a few questions, the boyfriend then popped the big question.

The proposal was all caught on camera.

MIA: “Have you ever heard of anyone getting engaged at the airport before?’

Boyfriend: “Well, not actually, no. Well, I have seen it sometime, but I don’t know. I may know someone though.”

MIA: “Yeah. Who?”

Boyfriend: “Me.”

The couple had their first date three years ago at the 94th Aero Squadron restaurant right outside the airport.

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