Boy who saved little brother from fall recognized in Bal Harbour

BAL HARBOUR, FLA. (WSVN) - A 9-year-old boy was recognized at Bal Harbour Village Hall for saving his baby brother from a bad fall.

Tuesday night’s ceremony was a proud moment for young Joseph Levi and his family.

“This highest honor, which is bestowed by the Mayor of Bal Harbour, has been awarded to Joseph Levi, for the most heroic and epic catch,” said Mayor Gabriel Groisman.

The 9-year-old was honored by Groisman, who also happens to be his uncle. “I was super nervous, and my heart was beating really fast,” Levi told 7News.

Levi was recognized for saving his 11-month-old brother back in September after he rolled off his changing station.

“My friends were like, ‘That is so cool, you’re on TV,'” Levi said. “‘That’s amazing.'”

The video of the ordeal went viral on social media. It showed Levi springing into action to catch his brother when his mother turned her back for just a second to help one of her other kids with their homework.

“Joseph is a really special kid. He’s really excited about all of this attention,” said the 9-year-old’s mother, Tila Levi. “More than anything, it’s about him saving his brother.”

His mother posted the surveillance video as a reminder to parents. “We thought it was just going to be a local story that we did to help our parents, to bring awareness to mothers, fathers and caretakers,” she said. “It’s gone so international, so viral.”

Since the incident, Levi has gained national attention and has even received gifts from around the world, including toys and money.

“I’m going to give all the money that I get and give it to children of the military or homeless children,” he said.

It’s a generous gesture from a child who is a very brave big brother.

“More than anything, we are so proud of Joseph because he really is our hero,” the child’s mother said.

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