Boy who lost his fingers to firework warns others

POMPANO BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - A child who lost two fingers while playing with a firework is sharing his story with 7News.

Eleven-year-old Jeremy Johnson was one of three boys severely injured while playing with a firework they found at a park in Pompano Beach. The firework exploded, causing life-changing injuries such as severe burns, missing fingers and a dismembered arm to the children.

Fragments from the firework burned Johnson’s face as well as both of his hands.

“It just blew up, and all I saw was white, and my ears were ringing. Then, I looked at my hand, and I was just in shock,” said Johnson. “And then I was just sittin’ there. I wasn’t crying, I was just sittin’ there, just thinking and trying to figure out what just happened.”

Johnson had been playing with his friends 8-year-old Marvin and 9-year-old Robert. The three boys were on the basketball court, July 9, when they found the firework on the ground. Marvin, the youngest of the three boys, had been the one to light it.

“And then it had exploded and that’s when I looked at my hand. My hand was just bloody and my two fingers was gone. And [Marvin’s] hand was bloody, his hand was gone,” said Johnson.

Robert and Marvin’s mother said her oldest child suffered burns and her youngest lost his hand. “I just panicked, I just panicked. He’s alive. That’s first off. He’s alive.”

Neighbors who saw the incident called 911. “Somebody just blew their face up with a firecracker, and we need the ambulance,” said a caller.

Another caller said, “One of the kids, uh, about five fingers is gone, and one of them two fingers is gone.”

Johnson lost his left thumb and index finger. “I feel sad, not happy, because I gotta live with only three fingers,” he said.

Johnson’s grandmother, Jackie Mosley, is grateful all three children survived.

“Jeremy’s strong. Thank God he’s alive. All the kids is alive,” she said. “This could have been worse.”

Mosley said she’s upset that someone would leave a live firework on the ground for children to pick up.

“I feel sorry for the other child that lost his arm,” she said.

Johnson has a warning for other children who are thinking of playing with fireworks.

“If you see a firework, don’t pick it up and try to light it,” he said.

“I advise all parents just keep an eye on your kids, even if you do feel like they know what they’re doing. Even if you do feel like they’re old enough to go somewhere by themselves. Just, kids are curious,” said Robert and Marvin’s mother.

All three children were released from the hospital and are recovering at home.

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