Boy born at 25 weeks returns 5 years later to present check to staff at Broward Health

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - A 5-year-old boy born more than two months premature is doing his part to thank the doctors and staff at Broward Health Salah Foundation Children’s Hospital who helped keep him alive.

When he was just days old, 5-year-old Jackson Kissick fought for his life after being born at 25 weeks.

“We lost our first baby, and I had gotten him this far, and we thought that we were going to lose him again,” said Danielle Kissick, the boy’s mother. “The same week, he had to have heart surgery. We thought we might lose him.”

Danielle said the frightening experience all started when she and her husband were on a cruise to the Cayman Islands.

While doctors had approved her travel, Danielle started to have contractions and went into early labor during the vacation.

“I had an emergency C-section that night,” said Danielle. “He was born at 2 pounds, 2 ounces.”

Danielle’s newborn had to be transported all the way to Broward Health in Fort Lauderdale, where he spent the first 90 days of his life fighting to stay alive.

“He was required to be on a machine in the beginning to support his breath,” said Doctor Johny Tryznel. “Immune system issues, infection issues. He actually went through nutritional issues where he required to initially be fed through IV.”

The 5-year-old has now returned to the hospital to present a check of $1,500 to the staff.

He raised funds by selling water and other items at garage sales all to give back to the doctors, nurses and staff who helped put life and love back into his fragile body.

Danielle said she is forever grateful for their work.

“He’s perfect and being able to bring that perfect baby back here to know that he’s fine; he’s OK,” said Danielle. “We made it. It’s closure for sure.”

The funds will be used to buy toys, strollers and more for the hospital.

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