Baby alligator helped across busy road thanks to Florida deputy

LAKELAND, Fla. (WSVN) — A baby alligator managed to cross a busy central Florida road with a little help from a sheriff’s deputy.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office posted the video to Twitter, showing the 2-foot-long gator at the edge of a four-lane road in Lakeland.

With cars passing by, the gator made a run for it, but Fox 13 reports that Deputy Herrera followed right behind, having cars stop until the reptile made it safely across.

As the gator began to run, Deputy Herrera could be heard encouraging the animal, saying “You got this, little guy!”

The alligator eventually made it to its apparent destination: an old phosphate pit.

“How did the baby gator cross the road? With the assistance of Deputy Herrera of course!” the sheriff’s office wrote in the video’s caption. “We are a full-service law enforcement agency.”

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