CUTLER BAY, FLA. (WSVN) - A viral video is causing classroom concerns after an instructor at a South Florida charter school is heard telling her students that they’ll end up prostitutes if they don’t study harder.

An audio recording circulating on social media has many questioning a teacher’s lesson.

“How else are you going to make money? Steal or sell your bodies? Be a whore,” said the teacher in the audio recording.      

A woman who uses the handle “auntkaren0,” shared that audio. She claimed the person speaking is a teacher at Mater Academy Cutler Bay.

“I have a source who is telling me that students in the 10th grade are being told by a particular teacher, that the best they can do is sell their bodies if they don’t succeed in their class,” said auntkaren0, a user on Tik Tok.

She said the incident happened on Jan. 10.

“Not submitting your work that we did in class is wrong, it’s lazy,” said the teacher.

In the recording, the teacher sounds fed up.

“I don’t know what to say anymore about this,” said the teacher.

At one point, it sounds like a student speaking up.

“You said selling our bodies,” said the student.

The teacher responding with this.

“How else are you going to make money? Steal or sell your bodies? Be a whore. I don’t know what else you’re going to do if you can’t go to college, and you don’t want to sit here and have a good work ethic. What else are you going to do,” said the teacher.

The staff at Mater Academy confirmed to 7News they know about the recording.

The Florida Charter School Alliance sent a statement on the school’s behalf: “This is an isolated incident. These comments do not reflect our school’s values or track record of service. We are taking appropriate measures to address the situation. We apologize to the students and parents who may have been affected by this incident.”

In the audio, you also hear the unidentified teacher talking directly to those students with aspirations to play sports in college.

“They’re not going to let you play sports without the grade point average. There’s not very many ways to make money,” said the teacher.

According to a parent, the teacher apologized to the students two days after the incident, but some parents feel like it wasn’t sincere and want more to be done.

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