Attempted traffic stop ends in police-involved shooting in Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD, FLA. (WSVN) - Authorities are investigating after an attempted traffic stop in Hallandale Beach led to a chase on Interstate 95 that ended in a police-involved shooting in Hollywood.

The chaotic chain of events started along Foster Road where, police said, the suspect did not pull over during an attempted traffic stop, early Sunday morning.

Police said Joseph Knowles was carrying an AR-15 and running from the police forcing the officer to fire several shots.

A man said he saw part of the chase that ended in gunfire.

“All of a sudden, this car stops right in front of me, maybe 20 yards, as I’m parked in a Shell station,” said one witness. “The kid just runs out, and he runs right past me.”

“The passenger was then observed hanging out of the passenger door with a firearm in hand. A short pursuit ensued that did go from Pembroke Road to Hollywood Boulevard on I-95,” said Hallandale Beach Police Capt. Rashana Dabney-Donovan.

According to police, Knowles was the driver and Jamari Dobard was the passenger. Both suspects were armed.

The chase came to an end west of the traffic circle on Hollywood Boulevard near City Hall.

Police said that’s when two people jumped out of the car and took off running.

“An officer was forced to take action, which included firing more than one shot,” said Dabney-Donovan.

Sgt. Edward Diaz fired 12 rounds, two of which hit Knowles, said police.

Knowles was transported to an area hospital and treated for injuries that were not life-threatening. Dobard was caught later and remains in police custody.

Dobard is a convicted felon and already had two outstanding warrants.

“I mean, running from the police is a dumb move because in the dark, they can’t see where your hands are,” said the witness. “That’s when the cops said, ‘He’s got a gun,’ and I’m just hoping and praying that the kid’s OK. Nothing worth dying for but jeez, you can’t run from the police.”

Police were able to recover both of the suspect’s guns.

The investigation remains ongoing and is being led by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Hollywood Police and Hallandale Beach Police are also assisting in the investigation.

Surrounding roads were temporarily shut down but have since reopened to traffic.

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