OPA-LOCKA, FLA. (WSVN) - A U-Haul truck and two other vehicles have been left riddled with bullet holes following a shooting in an Opa-Locka neighborhood.

Shattered car windows and bullet holes are all that remains after someone opened fire in the area of Lincoln Avenue and Johnson Street, just after 11 a.m., Friday.

At least three vehicles were hit, including a U-Haul Truck, a rental truck being used to deliver food to the area and a Miami-Dade County Code Enforcement truck.

The driver of the delivery truck was about to step out of the vehicle when the bullets began to fly.

“The door slides open, ‘Bam, bam, bam, bam,’ window shot,” he said. “I’m glad that I didn’t get out because I would have been hit by that bullet.”

While the motive behind the shooting remains unclear, witnesses said they believe the county employee may have been targeted.

“All of the sudden, I hear some shots,” a woman said. “They shot at her, and she took off. I see her car. Bullet came through her back window to the front and shot out my delivery truck windows.”

As police search for the shooter, area residents said they are grateful no one was hurt.

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