Artists, art lovers to take over Wynwood this weekend for Miami Art Week

MIAMI (WSVN) - Artists and art lovers alike are expected to take to the streets of Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood this weekend during Miami Art Week.

Attendees at the event said the upcoming weekend is one of the hottest weekends of the year.

“It’s endless possibilities out here,” attendee Etzer Levelle said. “I feel like every artist has their own individual touch. You know, there’s so much art, and they’re all different.”

“I want to bottle up this energy and take it home with me,” art lover Kristen Tibbits said. “I think it’s just full of life. There’s so many colors and so many beautiful arts to take a look at.”

Art from 33 countries and 268 galleries and exhibits will take center stage during this year’s event.

“It feels like it’s the most open-minded season for everybody that comes out on the town,” one attendee said. “Bring yourself to the present moment when you look at art and tell yourself, ‘What was this person thinking about when he created the music, when he created the painting or when he created whatever piece he’s presenting.'”

“You got people here from 50 different countries and different religions,” artist Peter Tunney said. “Nobody cares. They’re here looking at art.”

7Skyforce flew over Wynwood as vendors set up for the event, and officials warn that traffic could be a nightmare because of it.

“I love how different all the art is,” art lover Kristy Russell said. “Even within Wynwood with the graffiti and all that’s going on, it seems like there’s different artist styles even within the graffiti styles. I love that.”

“Some of the best artists in the world come together and in one of the most beautiful cities in the world,” art lover Carlos Villhera said. “It’s great.”

Beginning on Friday, cars will be blocked from driving along Northwest Second Avenue from 20th Street to 29th Street until Sunday.

“You get inspired,” art lover Mia Kirn said. “You sort of think about what other people are thinking about from other places on the planet that have different experiences and different vibes to you.”

If that is not enough art, in comes Art Miami, located at One Herald Plaza. The event is in its 30th year with 17 satellite shows and more than 170 art dealers.

“If you are a new collector, young collector, and want to start collecting, this is the place to start,” Art Miami spokesperson Julian Navarro said.

Whether people are at the events to create art, buy it or just enjoy the experience, art lovers said this is definitely the place to be.

“It’s my first time out here, so I’m definitely having a good time,” one attendee said. “Definitely for me, coming from a small town where I came from, I would love to see and do something like this and bring back to the community as well.”

Miami Art Week will run until Sunday.

For more information on road closures happening throughout Wynwood during the weekend, click here.

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