Art Week welcomes new events, art to Miami

MIAMI (WSVN) - South Florida will be all about art this week, as masterpieces are out on display for Art Basel Miami Beach and beyond with Miami Art Week.

With the annual international art fair returning to Miami Beach, some new additions are being welcomed. “The greatest art in the world is all here,” said Jessica Goldman Srebnick, CEO of Goldman Properties. “That in itself is an incredible gift.”

“The Originals,” is an exhibition in Wynwood featuring an international group of artists. “We really thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if you walk through the walls,'” said artist Peter Tunney, “then, you walked through the gallery where you could collect the art of the artists in the walls.”

Another addition in Wynwood includes chiseled boulders carved by Japanese artist Ken Hiratsuka. The rocks show parts of the iconic murals that brighten the Wynwood neighborhood.

“For example, this is Shepard Farrey’s Tony Goldman image,” said Hiratsuka. “Right here, it’s the green baby.”

Miami’s own Tatiana Suarez, is being featured in the Wynwood Walls for the first time. “I always paint these women,” said Suarez. “I wanted to bring in a little Miami flavor without it being neon lights.”

Speaking of lights, the Ritz Carlton in Miami Beach is showcasing its Ritz Rainbow. “It’s just a gorgeous project,” said artist Yvette Mattern. “It’s a big work.”

A special invite or pass is not required to see the laser installation that has traveled the world. The light show can be seen 25 miles away, so others can experience it from different parts of the Magic City.

“The rainbow always has a dialogue with architecture around it,” said Mattern, “the landscape. It changes in a way, every time it’s presented.”

Whether it’s lights, sculptures or murals, one thing remains the same: Art is always global.

“The beautiful thing about art is you don’t have to speak a certain language, and just like love, art is understood by all,” said Mattern.

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