Army veteran receives new home in Sunrise

SUNRISE, FLA. (WSVN) - A U.S. Army veteran is now a new homeowner after receiving the keys to a mortgage-free house in Sunrise.

U.S. Army Specialist Inti Peralta Correa was awarded the house, Wednesday, and said he always dreamed of owning a home.

“It’s a privilege to receive this home,” said Correa. “Thank you very much.”

Everything was made possible courtesy of Homes for Heroes, a non-profit organization, as well as Chase Bank.

“We’re just so privileged and blessed to have people like you who have served for us and who have protected our country,” said Teresa Boyd with JPMorgan Chase. “He was in Afghanistan in the first place because of what happened in Sept. 11, so what a blessing it is today, one day later, to really give that house away.”

Correa was regularly exposed to rocket and mortar blasts during his time in Afghanistan.

The veteran came back home with severe PTSD and injuries.

“I have sciatic nerve issues, I have a bad leg, and I have bad tendons in my ankle,” he said.

Receiving a mortgage-free home will now help Correa tremendously.

“I feel a lot of peace, I feel a lot of love from all the people that’s been here working, that has been giving and being here putting things together to help me in this moment,” said Correa.

Correa’s mother, who relocated to Miami from Colombia, said they’ll be spending a lot of time in their home’s brand new kitchen.

“I can’t think of anybody that deserves it more than him and his mother,” said Christine Hoyos, a social worker for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. “Unfortunately, she has not been able to work, like he hasn’t been able to work. He pretty much lives going to all his appointments and treatments.”

Veteran Ricardo Gutierrez De Pinures, who served with Correa in the same unit, also received a mortgage-free home in June.

“More happy for him than I am for myself,” he said.

The new home is now a new beginning for the veteran who truly deserves a haven and a place to call home.

“I can focus on my recovery and try to get as well as I can,” said Correa.

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