Alligator ‘rescued’ from central Florida storm drain

OLDSMAR, Fla. (WSVN) — An alligator found itself in need of rescue after becoming stuck in a central Florida storm drain.

Trappers were called to a neighborhood in Oldsmar, near Tampa.

John Ruel captured video of the “rescue,” telling Fox 13 that the alligator appeared to be about nine feet long.

When attempts to pull the gator from the street side of the drain failed, the trapper opened up the iron drain cover and pulled the animal out by the tail.

The gator briefly gave a bit of a fight, appearing to want to stay in the drain rather than go with the trapper. But the reptile was soon pulled to safety, then relocated.

“We were happy he was rescued and that he wasn’t hurt,” Ruel told the station.

Video courtesy: John Ruel

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