Airports brace for busiest travel weekend of the year

MIAMI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, FLA. (WSVN) - Airports across the U.S. are expected to get very busy this Thanksgiving, as many people are flying to feast with loved ones.

It’s the busiest travel Tuesday of the year, and people are arriving at Miami International Airport to catch a flight ahead of Thanksgiving weekend – -smart thinking since winter storms have already hit the northern U.S., and more are expected.

“We’re headed to Saint Louis, and I hear its in the 30s,” said one traveler.

“We heard that the airports were supposed to be super busy starting early tomorrow,” said another traveler. “Looks like it’s already getting busier today.”

As of Wednesday morning, no delays or cancellations were announced at MIA.

The busiest days after Thanksgiving are Saturday, Sunday and Monday, with about 133,000 people expected to pass through MIA each day. More than 989,000 passengers are expected to pass through MIA during the Thanksgiving holiday.

“From what we hear, it’s pretty insane,” said Marsha Washington.

“As the time passes by in the day, it’s going to get more packed,” said one traveler.

Travel for Thanksgiving has hit an all-time high, with 48.7 million Americans expected to catch a flight or hit the road. That’s the highest number since 2007.

“Speaking with a friend of mine from Montreal, Canada, and he was calling saying, ‘Hey, it’s snowing here today,’ and I said ‘Well, it’s going to be a little difficult to land the planes there,'” said Kenneth Desandies, “so right here in the airport might be probably a lot of canceled flights in the future.”

A big group will also take flight, headed in and out of Broward. About 600,000 travelers are expected to pass through Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

From California to New Jersey, the first major winter storm of the season made for tough travels. The blizzard slammed several states, leaving a major mess in the Midwest.

“Weather is so bad, I can hardly see in front of me,” said one man. “It’s too rough to drive in.”

Michigan is now under a blanket of snow, and folks in Minnesota dealt with white out conditions overnight.

“Don’t be impatient about anything, just wait it out,” said another traveler.

Officials are urging travelers to keep an eye on their flight statuses.

According to AAA, 48.7 million Americans are expected to travel for the holidays this year.

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