Air conditioning leak causes breathing issues at Hollywood office

HOLLYWOOD, FLA. (WSVN) - An office building in Hollywood was evacuated after several people inside began to cough and complained that they couldn’t breathe.

Those inside the Minars dermatologist office, located at 4060 Sheridan St., called 911 and claimed that something in the air was giving them breathing issues.

At first, patients complained of a dry throat and asked for water, but then it got more serious. Others began to cough and the issue began to spread, according to witnesses. They then began running out of the office.

Hollywood fire rescue and Hazmat responded to the scene. Officials determined that the air conditioner’s Freon somehow leaked out, causing the medical scare.

“I felt like a powdery taste in my mouth, and I started to gag,” said one patient. “And then just cough, cough, cough. Then I couldn’t breathe. I had to catch my breath. I held my breath, drank some water. Somebody in the waiting room was coughing, like couldn’t stop, so I brought her some water, and when I got out there, it got even worse.”

About a dozen people were inside the office at the time, along with some employees. Some were treated on the scene, but according to Hollywood fire rescue, no one was taken to the hospital and everyone appears to be OK.

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