Abused dog found abandoned inside box in Miami neighborhood

MIAMI (WSVN) - A woman was left heartbroken after she found a dog left malnourished and abused inside a box in a Miami neighborhood.

According to a veterinarian, due to the dog’s severe injuries, it may have to be euthanized.

“I saw someone dropped a box on the sidewalk. I peeked in it, and I saw a dog,” said Elexus Theodore.

Theodore captured a video of herself comforting the malnourished dog. “It’s OK. I won’t hurt you,” she said to the dog.

Theodore said she saw someone in a white truck leave the box on the sidewalk on Northeast 57th Street and Miami Place, just before 1 p.m., Thursday.

She immediately called police when she discovered the injured pup. Theodore said she initially thought the dog was dead.

“His jaw seemed swollen. He has cuts and bruises on his neck, and he’s weaving real bad,” she said.

A neighbor told 7News that the dog looked like he had been abused and possibly dragged by a rope.

“Bruises, cut on his lip. He got a cut right here — like a gash,” said neighbor Briana, gesturing to her forehead. “His whole neck looks like someone had rope around his neck, like they had been dragging him all night.”

Neighbors weren’t the only ones left shaken by the evident abuse. Two Miami Police officers were also moved to take action.

7News cameras captured the officers providing water and care to the dog while they waited for Animal Control to arrive at the scene.

After almost three hours of waiting, the officers wrapped the pup in a towel and placed him in the back of a cruiser.

The dog was taken to Biscayne Veterinary Center where Dr. Raul Jimenez and his team did everything they could to save the dog’s life, but the vet told 7News that the dog may not make it.

“The dog is in very, very bad condition. The head is protruding,” said Jimenez. “The temperature is very high. He’s having a lot of issues.”

The dog was later picked up by Miami-Dade Animal Control.

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