SUNRISE, FLA. (WSVN) - Police have released the 911 calls a Sunrise homeowner made before he shot a person attempting to break into his home.

Before police arrived, Warren Darlow, owner of a home on Northwest 103rd Terrace and Sunrise Boulevard hid in his back room, clutching a weapon, and watching as three young men attempted to break into his home.

The man called police and attempted to describe the situation. “They’re in my backyard right now. The gate is locked so they can’t get in, so they had to jump the gate,” the man said in the call.

The dispatcher attempted to calm him as he explained what was going on — at some points, dropping to a whisper. “They’re trying to break my back window with bricks. They’re in the house,” he said.

Nine seconds later, gun shots and shouting could be heard on the line.

Dispatcher: “Tell me what’s happening sir.”

Caller: “I killed one, I think.”

Several minutes later, police surrounded the home and captured the other two suspects, 23-year-old Jose Demon Coleman and 26-year-old Curtis Jefferies.

The third suspect, 21-year-old Albert Jones, died on the scene. His family says he’d been working as a roofer, and they thought that day he’d gone off to a job. “He quiet, no one expect him to do that,” said his cousin Craig Rolle.

As for the homeowner, he clearly felt the weight of what had happened as police surrounded his house. “I don’t want to be inside this house right now,” the caller said.

The State Attorney’s Office is reviewing the case. However, there are currently no charges against the homeowner.

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