MIRAMAR, FLA. (WSVN) - Recently released 911 calls captured the moments after a plane crash in Miramar that claimed the life of a student pilot and hospitalized his instructor.

Mark Daniel Scott, the student pilot, was on a flight with Andres Bastides, his instructor, when their aircraft encountered a mechanical problem on May 12.

The pilot would attempt to make an emergency landing on Pembroke Road but while trying to land, the plane would clip a power line before crashing and coming to rest at the corner of Hiatus Road, near a Chase Bank.

An air traffic controller at North Perry Airport in Pembroke Pines, where the aircraft took off, could be heard telling the dispatcher what was occurring with the plane prior to the crash.

“Hi, this is North Perry Tower,” the air traffic controller said. “I have an aircraft landing on Pembroke Boulevard approximately Pembroke and Pines [vicinity], two souls on board.”

The dispatcher asked, “So, he’s going to land on the roadway?”

“Yes, ma’am, he’s lost an engine, and it looks like he just went down,” the air traffic controller said.

“Oh, dear,” the dispatcher said.

“Oh, my God, somebody has crashed! There’s a big fire,” one caller said. “There’s a big emergency at Hiatus and Pembroke Road. I don’t know if somebody got hit or something. Oh, God, it’s a plane! Oh, my God!”

“Hiatus and Pembroke Road, there’s an airplane that’s crashed and is on fire,” a second caller said. “There’s two people still in there.”

“Oh, they’re hurt,” a third caller said. “There’s people hurt and everything.”

A fourth caller asked, “Is there somebody in that plane that didn’t make it? Is somebody in there that didn’t make it?”

The plane they were flying in was owned by Wayman Aviation Academy.

“Flight training is all about emergency operations, and they seem to have followed those procedures just fine,” Eddy Luy, the vice president of the flight school, said following the crash. “The timing was not right for them.”

The bushes outside of the bank where the plane came to the rest are still burned out from the flames, and there is a makeshift memorial with a large picture of Scott.

Bastides is continuing to recover from his injuries in the hospital. Two weeks before the crash, Bastides wrote on social media, “Choosing this career was the best decision I ever made in my life.”

The crash remains under investigation.

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