MIAMI (WSVN) - Rescue crews took 10 people to the hospital after a pickup truck collided with a Miami-Dade Transit bus in Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood, causing the larger vehicle to slam into a two-story building.

City of Miami Fire Rescue crews responded to the scene near Northwest Second Avenue and 54th Street, at around 9 a.m., Sunday.

Officials described the violent collision.

“One [victim] was possibly ejected from the truck. Now, once the collision occurred, the bus veered off and slammed into the Omega Fashion business located here on the corner,” said Miami Fire Rescue Capt. Ignatius Carroll.

A witness who identified himself as Joseph said it looked like the truck ran a red light.

“I saw a white pickup truck doing at least 50 [mph] plus, and he shoots by me, then I look down the street, and I see it was a red light for him,” said the witness. “I already know he didn’t have enough room to stop.”

Joseph said the bus then crashed into the truck.

“It was a green light for the bus, and the bus went and collided, T-boned,” he said. “The truck spun, crashed into the wall. The bus barricaded under the building. The building landed on top of the bus for support.”

Bystanders ran to help get people off the bus, fearing the building would cave.

“I just ran. I seen it was dead on impact,” said Joseph. “I ran as quick as I can to make sure everyone was all right.”

Joseph then helped passengers exit through the back of the bus.

“I pried the back door open, and we just made sure all the passengers got out safe and sound,” he said.

Paramedics took 10 people to Jackson Memorial Hospital: seven passengers, the bus driver and the man and woman inside the truck. The latter two victims were taken to Ryder Trauma Center with serious injuries.

Once everyone was transported or treated at the scene, first responders pivoted their efforts to preserve the building.

“We are now focusing our efforts on the condition of this building,” said Carroll.

Sunday night, the bus remained nestled right underneath the building, as engineers examined the building. Their concern is that the building might collapse if the bus is removed, sending debris into the street.

“Part of this building is resting, actually, on top of this bus,” said Carroll.

Engineers opted to leave the bus under the building. They also wanted to give the business owners a chance to go inside and retrieve items if it’s safe to do so.

The intersection of Northwest Second Avenue and 54th Street remains shut down in all directions indefinitely. It is expected to stay closed to traffic well into Monday.

Police urged drivers to avoid the area, since the building could come crashing down into the street at any moment.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

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