82 child immigrants become naturalized citizens in Homestead

HOMESTEAD, FLA. (WSVN) - Eighty-two children became United States citizens in a special ceremony at Biscayne National Park, Friday.

The children came from a total of 17 countries such as Israel, Peru, Cuba and Honduras.

“I haven’t been an American citizen yet, and I came here with my mom from Venezuela a long time ago,” said Abraham Andrea.

“America gives me opportunities that I didn’t have in Cuba, and I like it here. It’s my home,” said Emily Bejerano.

Although they are young, the children already know how controversial the immigration issue can be. However, they hope their stories can change some opinions.

“It’s not a negative thing. It’s a positive thing that another person can start their life or make a new life for themselves in a different place,” said Ana Ramirez.

The children took the oath at a time where the president and the White House have been working to push major changes in immigration.

The event also comes after President Donald Trump was accused of calling Haiti and African countries “sh*thole countries.” However, a video message played at the ceremony showed a stark contrast to previous remarks.

“No matter where you come from or what faith you practice, this country is now your country,” the president said in the video.

Either way, the new American citizens said they intend to use their citizenship to reach their own goals.

“I can become someone here and have a great future with my family and friends,” said Emily.

“I feel like I’m officially part of this country, just like everybody else,” said Ana.

The ceremony was held at Biscayne National Park to show the children that the beauty of America also belongs to them.

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