FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) - 7News got a sneak preview inside the newly renovated Broward County Courthouse ahead of its spring grand opening, early next year.

On Wednesday, judges got a firsthand look at their new workspace, a now-state-of-the-art courthouse.

“There are microphones, display monitors, speakers, everything is recorded, and the court recording system is state-of-the-art,” said Steve Hammond of Broward County Public Works.

The 20-story structure will house civil and criminal cases. It will feature local art and a lot of high-tech equipment, including a touch-screen digital directory and interactive map.

According to officials, the old courthouse had mold issues over the past few years, with some people even claiming the building made them sick.

Now, they’re glad to put those problems behind them. “I’m already breathing better now,” said Judge John Hurley as he walked through the courthouse for the first time. “I mean, I’m taking big gulps of fresh air, and I enjoy that. I think it’s a long time coming, and I’m glad for everyone’s health, for everyone’s work environment, that we have this opportunity to come into a new building.”

Judges will now sit behind bullet-proof benches, can lock courtrooms with the push of a button, and jurors will be able to call a verdict or a question with a tap of a touch screen pad that flashes light upon contact.

The courthouse is expected to be fully functional no later than March.

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