7 arrested after brawl at Burger King across Miami Beach Police building

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Spring break 2019 in South Beach ended the way it began: with fists flying, cellphone cameras rolling and police taking people into custody.

But in this latest melee, officers would not have to come from very far. It went down Sunday night, not on the sand or outside a nightclub, but at the Burger King near Washington Avenue and 11th Street — across the street from police headquarters.

When the dust settled, prosecutors said, seven visitors from Mississippi were caught and cuffed. They were identified as Joshua Davis, Tavarrius Knight, Jesse Mack, Marquis Mack, Corey Darrell Taylor Jr., Judas Nixon and Devontae Terrell.

According to investigators, this Burger King location, the BK Whopper Bar, is popular because it’s one of the few that sells beer.

Police said the suspects organized a three-card monte or shell-type game that duped a victim, who lost money.

That victim then became angry, and that’s when, officials said, things got violent.

At a bond hearing, Monday, a prosecutor gave further details.

“The victim willingly played a game of chance where the defendants, I guess, were all participating,” she said. “He lost $200, and then the victim followed the defendants, and then there was a brawl.”

Investigators said the fight spilled out of the Burger King and onto the sidewalk along Washington Avenue.

The arrest report stated, “The defendants’ actions obstructed traffic and breached the peace, causing a crowd of onlookers concerned for their safety. The defendants then made it on to the west-end sidewalk, and their actions caused pedestrians to avoid the sidewalk, putting the public in danger, as they had to enter the roadway to avoid the defendants. All defendants were arrested without incident.”

They were taken into custody at a very convenient location: just a few feet from the police department’s front door.

“All defendants were walked to the Miami Beach Police Department for further processing,” the arrest report stated.

The suspects are facing several charges, including gaming or obtaining games of chance, disorderly conduct and marijuana possession.

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