(WSVN) - A little girl and a Publix worker share a special bond and the two were reunited for the first time since the pandemic in a now-viral video.

“Lets go see if we can find him,” said a man in the video.

A TikTok video captured the hearts of more than a million people around the world.

Most little children run into Publix excited for the free cookies, but not six-year-old Fiona.

In the video, Fiona looks and looks for her friend Gilnet, or as she knows him, High Five.

When she saw him, she ran, laughed and they shared a hug.

It’s been two years since Fiona’s mother captured the special moment on her phone.

When the pandemic hit, Gilnet moved from a Fort Myers Publix to one in Cape Coral.

“Do you remember me?” Gilnet said.

“Yeah,” replied Fiona.

“Oh, my. I miss you! Everyday, she looking for me, I say, ‘High five, Fiona. High five for Gilnet.’ I so happy,” Gilnet said.

“It’s just been a long-standing tradition for my folks and I to go to Publix together,” said Fiona’s mother, Rachel Smith. “We’d show up to Publix and she beelines for the produce section and just, ‘High Five. Where’s High Five?'”

Smith is a social media analyst. She decided to post the two-year-old video on TikTok as an experiment.

“She is my best friend,” said Gilnet.

“Because I love him,” Fiona said.

The experiment proved love and kindness is timeless.

The unlikely pair became best friends.

Gilnet bought her a bike, and as seen in the video, she gave him a thank you card.

“It’s reached a lot of people and touched a lot of people, and we just wanted to thank you so much,” Smith said

“Yes, so so many people,” Gilnet said.

“It doesn’t matter your political affiliation, it doesn’t matter your religion, it doesn’t matter your age, none of that matters,” Smith said. “The grand equalizer is that people just love kindness.”

“I’m Haitian people and they’re American people,” Gilnet said. “Everything together. God is good. God loves everybody!”

Fiona’s mother is now working to create a non-profit called Who’s your High Five?

The organization will allow people to write about the person who made a huge impact on them, with the goal of them reconnecting.

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