$5M in MLB memorabilia for auction in Miami Beach

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - An estimated $5 million in MLB memorabilia is on sale ahead the MLB All-Star game at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

When MLB All-Star week works its way through South Florida, fans of America’s pastime will be treated to more than just the sport’s best and brightest.

Fanfest kicks off five days of baseball bustle from July 7 to July 11.

“It’s a celebration of baseball. There’s things for kids to run and play, really educate themselves on how to play the game,” said David Hunt, the president of Hunt Auctions. “A lot of great stars of the game will be there signing autographs or doing different clinics.”

In addition to family-fun and star sightings, the big event includes the 13th annual live auction and appraisal fair, at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

While some collector’s items are estimated to be in the six-figure range, you don’t have to be rolling in money to enjoy what you see.

“The auction of historic items, which really becomes a museum in and of itself, people who don’t want to bid can come in and see the great things,” Hunt said.

The Clemente collection is one of the highlights of the attraction.

Named for Hall of Famer Roberto Clemente, the display is one of the most significant player collections offered at a public auction. Anywhere from $2,000 to half-a-million dollars will get you one of his prized possessions.

But discovering what fans already own and its worth is also a big part of the fun.

“What’s interesting for us each year is to see, literally, what people do have at home, and what they might have of value,” said Hunt. “Again, whether or not you want to sell it is not relevant. We just want to tell you what it’s worth. Of course, there’s people that come down with some items that they think ‘Boy, this is going to be my retirement or my kid’s college,’ and it turns out to not be what it was or what they thought it would be, and then there’s always some pieces, whether it’s a group of baseball cards, an autograph maybe an uncle got in 1932 from a Yankees player that turns out to be an obscure piece, that’s worth a lot of money.”

So, ahead of Tuesday’s main event — whether you’re looking to buy or sell or bring the past back to life — don’t miss out on what all All-Star week has to offer.

Coverage of the All-Star game begins July 11 at 7 p.m., on WSVN.

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