53 cocaine sacks found inside man who collapsed at airport

MIAMI (AP) — A Polish man is in custody after police say doctors found more than 50 small rubber sacks filled with cocaine in his stomach after he collapsed at

Miami International Airport during a flight layover.

Media outlets report that a police report shows 45-year-old Waldemar Wojtczak was taken to Hialeah Hospital last month, where surgeons removed the drugs from his stomach.

The report says Wojtczak, who was travelling to Finland, ingested 53 cocaine-filled pellets.

Because he was unable to release the pellets on his own, doctors performed surgery on him to remove the pellets from inside his upper and lower abdomen before they ruptured.

The Miami Herald reports Wojtczak has recovered and was formally charged Monday with cocaine trafficking and using commercial transport while committing a felony. He pleaded not guilty.

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